Questions to which the answer is John Rentoul

Some words from me on the (mis)representation of anarchism since Saturday’s protest over at Ballots & Bullets, the University of Nottingham’s School of Politics Blog, with a big attention grabbing headline (which seems to be working), and some gratuitously ugly self-promotion. It earned me a snarky tweet from John Rentoul, though I don’t think he’d actually read my piece- preferring instead to a riff on his ‘Questions to which the answer is no‘ theme. I politely pointed out that this anarchist manages to hold down three jobs whilst doing a PhD, but I don’t suppose he really cared.

Also well worth reading on the fallout from Saturday’s protest are Lisa Ansell, Brighton Solidarity Federation,  the Black Bloc at The Guardian and- last but not least- Search for the Master Copy (to whom I’m also indebted for those first two links).

I’ve committed, promised and furthermore resolved to blog more regularly from now on- both on here and over at the Eastside Island Utopia Project (which I’m slowly updating). And now I’ve gone public with that, so you can hold me to it.

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