SIMPLE MINDED UTOPIAN DRIVEL! (Speaking at Concept: Art and Politics)

Despite my absence from the poster, I’m going to be speaking at CONCEPT‘s one-day conference on politics and art next Thursday (this absence is not CONCEPT’s fault, I should add). I’ll be talking about Joseph Beuys, Johannes Stüttgen and Karl Fastabend’s Organization for direct democracy through plebiscite, social sculpture and Benjamin Buchloch’s criticism of Beuys’ ‘simple-minded utopian drivel’. I’ve not read – but have heard good things about – Jane Bennett’s Vibrant Matter: A Political Ecology of Things; Lyman Tower Sargent has forgotten more about utopia than I’ll ever know; and Chris’ does some great stuff on political posters, so it should be good…

And I’m not speaking at, but will be attending this, the following day…

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