I’m a member of Wasteland Twinning Nottingham, along with Rebecca Beinart and Mathew Trivett. We’ve commissioned, curated and produced works and events exploring the functions, values and temporalities of ‘The Island’ – a large wasteland on the fringes of Nottingham City Centre. This has involved entering into ‘twinning’ relationships with groups working with wastelands in Yogyakarta, Berlin and Amsterdam.  Our exhibition ‘Recreation Ground‘ showcased much of this, but there are still works ongoing: not least Wasted Common, a speculative docu-fiction radio ballad I am producing for Resonance FM (to be broadcast on the 24th June, time tbc). This will feature original music, interviews, field recordings and a mostly-truthful narrative account of the site. Rebecca and I are also developing ‘Archaeology of the Future’, a multi-act play traversing the future histories of the site.

Together with Marie Thompson I am working on The Drone of Prime Unity, a ten hour long musical work made solely from samples of 10 Hour YouTube videos. This will have accompanying text and will first be performed at As Above, So Below: A Colloquium on Drone Culture.

I also occasionally work for or provide consultancy to the public programme at Nottingham Contemporary, and have also spoken at the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow.



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