I play in the group Surfacing. Our music uses on pounding rhythms, folk song, contact mics, synths, found sounds and occasional guitar. We explore the impending, the desolation of the present and the hope/fear of something better/worse. In 2011 we were commissioned by Nottingham Contemporary to provide a live, in-gallery performance accompanying Klaus Weber’s ‘Long Dark Windchime (Arab Tritone)’, for which I also gave a talk. So far we have released one album – Haunted Woodland Vol. 4, on Wayside and Woodland recordings (link soon). This was commissioned by Ordinary Culture for their Dukes Wood Project. It was inspired by the oilfields underneath Dukes Wood and draws on a short story of Fritz Leiber’s in which it’s suggested that oil may be a sentient entity controlling human life. We’ll be releasing a single and album through Records on Ribs later in the year.

I make music alone as Zeit(t)raum. Here, the brief is ecstatic, temporality melting communoise. Full utopia. More to come soon.

Sometimes I also play with Marie Thompson, and maybe we’ll do more in the future.



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