1) I’m working on turning my PhD thesis (available below) into a book. Though retaining the core argument of the thesis – and with many of the same topics (improvisation; utopian and dystopian literature; critical pedagogy and popular education) – it will have a much greater focus on the commons, affect and place. It’ll also be much less Deleuze-centric, and contain some work on participatory/collaborative art. There will be a couple of papers coming out of this too, in addition to those mentioned below.

2) A project with the composer Helen Papaioannou, exploring rhythmic social relations in musical performance. Not quite sure what format this will take yet, but I’m really excited by it. Affect, power, the commons, conflict, games, rhythms…

Published (or imminent)

‘Improvisation as Anarchist Orgazniation’ – article for ephemera, (accepted, to be published in special issue on anarchism and critical management studies, 2014 – date tbc): here [.doc]

Towards a Nomadic Utopianism: Gilles Deleuze and the Good Place that is No Place – my PhD thesis, July 2013: here [pdf*]
*the text may be a bit wonky due to an Open Office glitch. This isn’t intentional!

Playing the Future: Improvisation and Nomadic Utopia – a pamphlet essay for Thinking Ourselves into Existence at the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow. Commissioned by Psykick Dancehall, Feb 2011: here [.pdf]

Assorted bits for The Quietus


The blog on this site deals mostly with music, art, utopia, creativity/gentrification; and occasional updates on what I’m up to.



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